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Semiconductor Lead Frames, Computer Parts, Hand Phone Parts, Relay Parts & Motor Parts.

Stamping Finely

The world finest stamping is possible using our in-house metal molds. Our technology level which can divide hair-thickness into two parts is the result of our thorough pursuit of “Stamping” which is the most basic technology of NICHIDEN SEIMITSU KOGYO.

Stamping Sharply

We can make edged tools only with stamping. Our products are used as inner blades for electric shavers, surgical knives.

Stamping Thick Materials

We are also working on comparatively thick(up to about 3mm) materials pursuing heat dissipation. They are used as general heat-sink and a part of semiconductor power devices.

Stamping Thin Materials

We can stamp thin metal materials with less than paper-thickness precisely, rapidly, and finely We have an adoption result of the thickness 0.03mm for the parts used in motors.

Stamping Non-Metal Materials

We can also stamp non-metal materials. Lead-fixing tape for semiconductors, resin circuit boards which you must be able to process with router, but we switched to stamping, etc. We are challenging various materials with our “Stamping finely technology”